Best Coffee Maker For The Office Or Workplace

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Are you looking for the best coffee maker for the office or conference room? There are many high quality coffee makers on the market today. Keep reading to find out which is the best coffee brewer and what features to look out for when buying.

To suit every coffee drinker in your office it is recommended that you get a coffee maker that can brew a single cup or a pot of coffee in a carafe.

You may also want to invest in a commercial brewing system which is perfect for a conference room or office environment.

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What Is The Best Coffee Maker For The Office?

best coffee brewer for the officeThis is the Keurig K Cup Commercial Single Serve Brewing System and features 1400 watts of power and is perfect for a small office or conference room.

It is capable of brewing coffee, tea, hot cocoa or any iced beverage in under 1 minute.

It is a fully programmable coffee maker that has a full color touchscreen which allows you to set the brewing temperature and automatic on and off button.

Other features include a large water reservoir of 90 oz so you do not have to fill as often and uses quiet brew technology. It also has a automatic shut off feature that is activated after 2 hours and has a stylish design in platinum and black.

If you have been looking for a coffee brewer that can be used in an office then this is a product I highly recommend.

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Best Small Office Coffee Maker On The Market

best small office coffee maker on marketThis is the Cuisinart 12 Cup Coffee Maker And Single Serve Brewer which comes in stainless steel. It features a glass carafe which has a stainless steel handle and the single serve sizes are 6, 8, or 10 oz.

This programmable coffee machine has a brew strength control for a stronger cup of coffee and has a gold tone filter to allow the flavor of the coffee to flow through.

It also comes with the Cusinart home barista reusable filter cup which allows you to use k cup pods or your own ground coffee.

Whether you like a single serve cup of coffee or serving a crowd it is now much easier with this great Cuisinart Coffee brewer.

If you have been searching for a coffee machine that is much quieter and can heat up much faster then this is a great choice in my opinion.

Cuisinart 12 Cup Coffee Maker And Single Serve Brewer Video

What Coffee Machine Should I Buy For The Workplace?

best coffee maker for the officeFor the workplace or office there are a few coffee maker options that you can go with. This will depend on your office needs.

If you have a big office you will need a commercial coffee maker or if you have a small office a programmable coffee maker is ideal.

Look for a coffee machine that can brew both a pot of coffee and a single cup.

A 12 cup drip coffee maker is recommended and try to choose one that has a thermal stainless steel carafe.

This will ensure that the coffee stays hot after the coffee has been brewed and it also retains it’s flavor for longer.

It must be programmable and have easy to brew buttons which will brew your coffee a lot faster as well.

Investing in a 2 way coffee brewer is great as it allows you to make coffee from k cup pods or by using your favorite coffee grounds. A stainless steel carafe is also much easier to clean and will last for many years.

Most programmable coffee makers cost between $50 to $300, this will depend on what features it has and the quality of the coffee brewer.

Investing a high quality coffee machine for your workers is a great investment as it can keep them more alert and they can have a well deserved break.

Best Rated Coffee Maker For Office Use That Is Affordable

best rated coffee maker for office useThis is the Hamilton Beach 2 Way Brewer Programmable Coffee Maker and comes in black. This is a great coffee brewer for the office and allows you to customize the way you brew your coffee.

You can use k cup pods or your own ground coffee and has many options to please every coffee drinker in your home or office.

You can brew a pot of coffee using your favorite coffee grounds or a single cup using a k cup pod or grounds.

There are 2 easy to fill water tanks on each side with easy to view water windows. Other features include a programmable timer and 2 hour shut off when using the carafe.

It also has 2 brew strengths to choose from, either bold or regular and comes with a single serve pack holder and brew basket to store your coffee grounds.

The single cup brewing side can accommodate a 8 inch travel mug or cup and the carafe can brew up to 10 oz to 14 oz, using a k cup pack or ground coffee.

The digital clock is easy to use and you can set the time for up to 24 hours in advance. The k cup pack piercing assembly tool can be easily removed to be cleaned, this will prevent clogging when in use.

As you can see this is a great 2 way coffee maker for office use that is made to last and is a great investment as well.

If you have been looking for the best coffee maker for the office or workplace then these coffee machines are highly recommended. Whether your workers like drinking fresh brewed coffee from k cup pods or ground coffee, all these coffee maker are a great investment.

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