Best Juicer Under 100 Dollars | Affordable Juice Extracter To Buy

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Best Juicer Under 100 Dollars
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Are you searching for the best juicer under 100 dollars? There are a wide variety to choose from and there are also many brands that can help you make amazing healthy juices.

Purchasing a juicer is a great way to get healthy especially when making your drinks in the morning. They are very easy to prepare especially when using a juicer.

Below you will find the best affordable juicer on the market today that is under 100 dollars.

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Best Juicer Under 100 Dollars

The best juicer under 100 dollars is the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain.

The company Breville is one of the most popular brands when it comes to juicers. They have a good size range of juicers to choose from and are made from the strongest materials to give you a good quality product.

The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain has many great features if you are looking for a heavy duty juicer at an affordable price.

With a 700 watt motor, you can expect a high quality product and very easy to make your favorite juices all year round. What I like about this juicer in particular is the very large feeding tube, which makes it very easy to use.

If you are looking for a juicer that is easy to clean, this product is highly recommended and the parts are also dishwasher safe. There is also a stainless steel micro mesh filter for better results when juicing. If you like to juice a lot of fruits, you will be happy to know that this product will collect the pulp and it is also very easy to remove as well. You will also get a brush with your purchase which makes it very easy to clean the mesh filter.

With it’s compact design, it can easily fit well into any kitchen especially if you live in an apartment or if you have a smaller kitchen. It also has a titanium cutting disc to help you make your juices a lot quicker.

You will find that the Breville BJE200XL is one of the best juicers for sale under 100 dollars and easy to use if you have never used a juicer before.

What Is The Best Juicer For Beginners?

best juicer under 100 dollarsIf you are a beginner or have not used a juicer before I recommend getting a juice extractor that is easy to use and easy to clean.

The Breville BJE200XL is a well known juicer that has these characteristics and it also has a stylish compact design.

It also has a big feeding tube and the parts are dishwasher safe which can save time on cleaning.

If you have never used a juicer before, here are a few tips to help you make healthy fruit and vegetable juices.

  1. Cut your fruit and vegetables early: If you are going to make your juice for breakfast and also lunch a great way is to cut your fruit and veg before hand even better over night.
  2. Drink your juice straight away : This helps your body absorb the most important vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Leaving it out for too long can make it lose it’s nutritional value.
  3. Do not juice too much at the same time: This is an important tip especially if you have not used a juicer before.
  4. Clean your juicer after use : It is best to clean your juicer after use as sometimes you can forget and it can be sometimes hard to clean once the juice and pulp becomes dry.


Best Juicer For Sale Under 100 Dollars

best juicer for sale under 100 dollarsThis is the Touchscreen Smart Fruit And Vegetable Juicer By Simmero. It is a quiet centrifugal juice extractor machine with a LCD screen and 5 speed settings for citrus, fruits and vegetables.

This juicer is suitable for all types of fruits and vegetables and is powerful enough for soft and hard ingredients such as pineapples and hard vegetables.

It features a integrated pulp container and won’t take up too much room on your counter top. It has a highly efficient motor with a stainless steel micro sieve and a titanium coated grater.

The Simmero smart juicer also has a large feed chute which avoids the hassle of chopping your fruits and vegetables into small pieces. It also has a silent motor with a 800 to 1500 watts depending on the speed you use.

This juice extractor is also easy to clean and use and has a anti drip tube system and all parts are dishwasher safe. It comes with a convenient 1 liter juice box with a measuring scale and lid and a black brush to help with cleaning.

If you are looking for a quiet juicer that has a sleek and stylish design and can juice all types of fruits and vegetables then this is a perfect choice.

Best Juicer For Fruits And Vegetables On The Market

best juicer for fruits and vegetablesThis is the Nutri-Stahl Juicer Machine and has a powerful  700 Watt motor and is suitable for all fruits and vegetables.

It features a extra large feeding tube and dual speed settings for fibrous fruits and leafy greens.

It has a high speed of 22,000 RPM and has a high efficiency stainless steel micro blade for fast juicing.

Other features of this juice extractor are a large pulp container, safety lock arm and a bonus 1.5 pint juice container.

All parts are detachable and dishwasher safe and the juicer is easy to clean and maintain.

If you are looking to buy a juice extractor that can juice a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens then this is a juicer to buy.

what is the most affordable juicer to buy

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Best Juicer For Home Use

best juicer for home useThis is the Big Boss 800 Watt Wide Mouth Juicer and comes in stainless steel. It has a 3″ extra large mouth that can easily juice fruits and vegetables without cutting and peeling and the mess.

Other features include a 2 speed operation and has the ability to juice both hard and soft fruits and vegetables. The parts are easy to clean and comes with a lid with locking tabs for secure operation while in use.

It also has a stainless steel housing and can make baby food, sauces, soups and much more. If you are looking for the best juice extractor for beginners that is not only affordable but powerful and reliable then this is a great choice.

You can easily make healthy drinks in your own home and it is so easy to use this juicer from Big Boss.

Best Juicer For The Price And Easy To Use

best juicer for the priceThis is the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor and comes in stainless steel. This product can make up to 24 per cent more juice than it’s leading competitor and it is easy to juice and fits whole foods which means less prep time.

It comes with a 20 oz BPA free juice container and can make fresh healthy juice within seconds. It is very efficient and reliable and is an affordable high speed juicer on the market.

It features a powerful 800 watt motor and can extract juice from hard and soft fruits and vegetables. It also comes with a extra large pulp bin which allows you to juice longer and you can add vitamin rich pulp to any recipe.

It comes with a user manual and it is easy to assemble and cleanup and the parts are removable and dishwasher safe. If you are looking for the best juicer for home use under 100 dollars that is efficient and durable and is one of the best in the market to buy in my opinion.

What Is The Best Juicer For Juicing Wheatgrass?

what is the best juicer for juicing wheatgrassIf you a looking to purchase a juicer that can juice wheatgrass you will need a cold press mastication juicer. These juicing machines run on low speeds to ensure that you get all the nutrients and enzymes.

The process of juicing is very simple and will juice your wheatgrass very efficiently but will be a bit slower to ensure that you get the most out of your leafy greens.

The juice can also be stored for a longer periods of time before oxidation takes place. The slow movement can crush through more fiber and what is left is a high concentration of juice which is better for you.

The cleaning process is also quite easy and the machine is a lot quieter with fewer parts. By investing in a high quality juicing machine you will be able to juice a wide range of fruit and vegetables everyday.

A mastication juicer can also be used as a food processor such for juicing herbs or crushing grains.

If you are looking for the best juicer under 100 dollars then these 5 are my top picks in this price range. They are all high quality juicer machines and have a stainless steel housing and have the ability to juice soft and hard fruits and vegetables.