Best Electric Tea Kettle With Temperature Control To Buy

electric water kettle with temperature control
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Are you looking for the best electric tea kettle with temperature control to buy online? Keep reading to find out which are the best brands and where to grab a great discount online.

If you are a big tea drinker it is important to get a kettle where you can set a specific temperature. This is especially important if you drink a lot of green tea or herbal tea as it can taste bitter if not brewed properly.

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Below I will be reviewing the top 3 temperature controlled water kettles on the market.

Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

electric tea kettle with temperature controlThis is the Breville Variable Temperature 1.8 Liter Kettle and it is one of the best on the market today. It is a 1500 watt 2 quart kettle and has 5 preset brewing settings for tea.

Other features includes a hold temp button which can keep the water at a certain temperature for 20 minutes and a push button control panel and 360 degree stainless steel base.

It also has a removable scale filter, boil-dry protection and water level indicators on both sides. If you are looking for a high quality water kettle where you can heat water at a specific temperature and is affordable then this is the kettle for you.

electric tea kettle with temperature control

Best Rated Electric Tea Kettle To Buy

This is the Cuisinart Perfect Temperature Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and is a top rated product. It is a 1500 watt cordless stainless steel kettle with a capacity of 1 2/3 liters and a concealed heating element.

Other features include a 360 degree swivel base, a 30 minute keep warm setting and a 2 minute memory function. It also has 6 preset heating functions for brewing tea at the right temperature and blue LED indicator lights.

Other settings include a boil dry protection with automatic safety shut off, a blue back lit water window and a removable and washable scale filter. This high quality stainless steel water kettle is the best programmable tea kettle on the market.

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Electric Tea Kettle With Temperature Control

This is the Bonavita 1 Liter Gooseneck Kettle and is one of the best kettle with temperature control. It has a gooseneck spout for better water pouring control and a preset temperature function for 140 degrees and up.

Other features include exact brewing control for tea or coffee extraction and has brushed stainless steel. Other settings include a LED which displays the actual water temperature and a powerful 1000 watt heating element.

This product is one of the most accurate and versatile kettle to use.

best water kettle with temperature control

These are the top 3 electric tea kettle with temperature control on the market today. All are high quality products and have a great design to suit almost every kitchen. If you like your teas to be brewed at a certain temperature then these are perfect to buy and they are all affordable as well.

There are also many types of other kettles to choose from, such as a stainless steel whistling tea kettle.


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